What President Trump Can Learn From PM Modi
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What President Trump Can Learn From PM Modi…

Both are successful people and have come up the hard way and continue to work very hard. President Trump has never been in government, while PM Modi has been a social worker, an an elected representative, a Chief Minister (arguably one of the most successful) and now the prime minister – so in public life most times. Both have earned a solid 30+ million plus Twitter followers who adore their respective leaders. Trump has been hasty, too quick to express his opinion, some politically incorrect, on Twitter on almost anything and anyone. PM Modi tweets are about wishes to one and all, policy and achievements. PM is always found sending wishes and greetings to one and all including his opponents. PM is much less visible, and when he is it is about substance. Both are known to get annoyed or possibly angry, but President Trump’s reaction is public and for to see, while PM Modi is more restrained at best, and mostly not even visible. Trump has moved faster – at least one area PM Modi can copy?

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History Repeats Again? Indians Not Welcome In USA...
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History Repeats Again? Indians Not Welcome In USA…

USA issued an presidential executive order to dramatically alter the H1-B Visa programme, of which Indians were the biggest beneficiaries taking up more than 85% of the visa slots. Overtime, Indians added family members and then went on to become citizens and settle down in USA where they now comprise over 30 lakhs. While the executive order hits all prospects, it hits Indians and its computer professionals the hardest. Now it becomes much much harder to get these visas. Some view the order as a repeat of what happened in 1917 when the US Congress passed a law to explicity to keep Indians from immigrating to USA. It was then called the “Hindu menace” a term used to describe all Indians then, and avoid diluting the dominant white race of USA.

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Donald Trump Is The Best Thing For India
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Donald Trump Is The Best Thing For India

After the historic American election with a unexpected landslide win by Donald Trump, India has lots of reasons to cheer as he is better than the losing Hillary Clinton. Trump promised to make India the best friend of the US and has stated that he looks forward to working with PM Modi. Many Indians in the US supported Donald Trump. The Clintons are close to the muslim world as their foundation gets lots of funding from there. One of Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser is a Pakistani-American who continues to maintain ties with Pakistan. “Crooked Hillary” as she is being called, extended the visa ban on PM Modi when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat. The previous Clinton government supported violent anti-India groups in Jammu and Kashmir, and the Khalistan movement, provided billions of dollars of financial-aid and military support to Pakistan.

Source: Sunday Guardian Live

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Indian Groups pray for Donald Trump
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Indian Groups pray for Donald Trump’s Success…

Indian and Indian-origin groups are praying for Donald Trump to become the next US President. They feel he whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it. In light of Donald Trump’s remarks, these people feel that only Donald Trump can save us from Islamic terror.

Source: Mashable

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Donald Trump, one of the richest people in the world and a US presidential candidate said that India is doing great, even though he has been openly critical of many other countries including China, Mexico, and the Middle East. This must be a wake up call for some of major opposition parties and presstitude media, who seem to go to any extent to be critical of India and this government.

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A Sikh with a red turban, who was part of a group of protesters with a banner that said “STOP HATE” was thrown out of US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s political rally. The candidate was talking of radical Islamic terror, and it is not clear if the different appearance of the Sikh caused confusion.

Source: CBS News

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Donald Trump
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Trump said Pakistan is “probably the most dangerous” country in the world today, and India is the only country that can “check” Pakistan. Pakistan is “a serious problem” with their nuclear weapons and “a lot of them”, just like North Korea and its “mad man”. India is the real check to Pakistan,” continued Trump, adding India has their own nukes and have a very powerful army.

Source: Times of India

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