Taj Mahal
Photo: Indian Express

Taj Mahal Or Tejo Mahalaya (Or Shiva Temple) Major Question Being Asked Of Govt…

One petitioner is seeking proof and confirmation on a key question also asked by many people which is, “Is Taj Mahal not Taj Mahal but really Tejo Mahalaya. This was not constructed by Shahjahan, but was a Shiva Temple gifted by Raja Maan Singh“. Taj Mahal today may be one of the wonders of the world, but Archaeological Survey of India should have fully researched this question and put all information in the public domain. Even the Allahabad High Court agreed with a petition that some points raised disputed questions about some items considered to be facts. There is added mystery as hardly anyone has seen the “construction details” and there exist several hidden rooms which are closed to the public citing security reasons, which does not make any sense.

Source: Indian Express

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If Tibet Was Independent, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Would Be Trouble Free...
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If Tibet Was Independent, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Would Be Trouble Free…

China invaded Tibet and and annexed the country to access the country’s rich natural resources but also to militarize the strategically important border with India. Many feel that India made a strategic error in recognizing Tibet quickly. Devotees believe that Kailash-Mansarovar which is in Tibet, to be the abode of Lord Shiva and the yatra to get there is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Each year, hundreds and thousands of Indian pilgrims who undertake this holy yatra need Chinese permission and visa – always a big headache. But if Tibet had remained independent getting these visas would have been really easy.

Source: Hindustan Times

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China - Beware, India Will Not Tolerate Your Stupid Actions...
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China – Beware, India Will Not Tolerate Your Stupid Actions…

In recent weeks, China brought in labor, materials and equipment to build a road on the China, Bhutan and Sikkim (which is India) junction. The Indian Army prevented at least part of this road getting built as they felt it was on Indian soil – it is only doing its duty. So China gets upset and destroys bunkers (cheap tricks), India can always return the favour. China stops the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in Tibet which is under Chinese occupation. Hard to predict the future, but India is aggressive and refuses to back down. Chinese knows all too well that there are enough missiles and nuclear weapons pointed at them. So China – better watch out!

Source: Swarajyamag

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Israel Is India's True Friend For Ever
Photo: Times of Israel

Israel Is India’s True Friend For Ever…

Just like Russia, Israel has always been a true friend on India in both good times and bad. During thte 1971 war and later wars, Russia and Israel came to India’s rescue. Now India-Israel relations on all areas, especially in the defence arena continues to grow. India will purchase the latest ong-range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) defense systems for four Indian navy ships worth hundreds of crores. This has a major “make in India” component with India’s Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) and other companies.

Source: Times of Israel

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Kulbhushan Jadav's Life May Be Saved
Photo: Business Standard

Kulbhushan Jadav’s Life May Be Saved…

Former Naval Officer, Kulbhushan Jadav was kidnapped by Pakistani Army from Iran 18 months back and kept in confinement. Pakistan has declined consular access every of the 14 times, a common protocol. In April, Jadav was given the death sentence by a Military Court – all very questionable. Left with no response or choice, India has approached the International Court of Justice to seek proper justice and that Pakistan follow agreed upon international treaty norms and conventions. Hearing will continue which would be a source of great embarrassment for the Pakistani Army. As the charges and evidence is questionable, there is a ray of hope that Jadav would get relief that he is due and is finally released.

Source: Business Standard

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Kashmiri Girl Ayesha Aziz Will Be India's Youngest Pilot
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Kashmiri Girl Ayesha Aziz Will Be India’s Youngest Pilot…

Supremely graceful Ms. Ayesha Aziz, from Jammu and Kashmir has become India’s youngest pilot at the age of 21. She became a student pilot at the age of 16 after being fascinated by pilots during her visits to Srinagar. Her father was a source of great inspiration who supported her ambitions. Ayesha soon she expects to fly MIG-29s fighter jets as well as commercial aircraft in the future. Conservatives are already trying to curtail her freedom and want her under a hijab. It is hard not to draw a comparison between such people and the stone throwing youth of Kashmir – who seem to be totally misguided and wasting their youth and life.

Source: Times of India

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Good! India snubbed USA on meddling in Indo-Pak issues
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Good! India snubbed USA on meddling in Indo-Pak issues…

USA seems to have suddenly got concerned about tensions and unresolved issues between India and Pakistan, and now wants to jump in and try to negotiate. India promptly snubbed USA as it said it has no role in the bilateral issues and ties between the two countries. What USA has to keep in mind in that whatever issue it has “meddled in” has only got worse with hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of destruction. Recent example include the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, most of South America and on and on. Indians would rightly agree that the only role for USA is to STOP SUPPLYING WEAPONS TO Pakistan and get them to STOP SUPPORTING TERRORISM over the past decades! What is so hard about that – USA does not even need India’s support!

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Should India Have Multiple Time Zones?
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Should India Have Multiple Time Zones?

India and China are the two biggest countries with a single time zone. India time is closest to Allahabad time, which is more central while all of China uses the Beijing time. And Beijing is one end of the country. So for us, it is only five pm when the sun sets in Andaman and Nicobar Islands – which is far east, while the western edge of Gujarat the sun sets at only 8 pm. Multi time zones is a sign of advancement. So let us have a debate on this as also understand the impact of the current single time on those at one extreme versus other. During British rule, while not the best time, India had multiple time zones.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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India Will Not Compromise Anymore...
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India Will Not Compromise Anymore…

With a strong central & national government in India, which is growing stronger with more wins in state elections, Chinese media feel that India will not easily compromise and will have a hardline attitude, making for tough battles on almost any subject. Other countries feel that India’s attitude has gone from trying never to offend (hard to imagine?) to try to maximize its own interests at every opportunity. Well Pakistan is at the receiving end.

Well done India!

Source: TOI

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Google Engineer Returns Back To India...
Photo: Yahoo

Google Engineer Returns Back To India…

Nupur Dave, originally from India who had worked for Google for over ten years called it quits and returned to India. Nupur claims to have a good job and good team, but… a big but was she was growing increasing unhappy with silicon valley. She was single with not time for single life, nearly 2-3 hours commute each day, and the extreme cost of living did not allow her to buy her own house. All this, the growing loneliness and life away from her family caused her to become sadder and sadder. She took the brave decision to call it quits and return to India where she has truly found happiness.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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Brave 21-Year-Old Refuses to Accept Triple Talaq...
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Brave 21-Year-Old Refuses to Accept Triple Talaq…

A brave Pune based 21 year old Muslim woman who is married to a 26 year Muslim man refused to accept the “triple talaq” given to her by her husband. Her parents are in full support of their daughter. In addition to sending a legal notice through her lawyer, she has also file a police complaint where alleges harassment among other actions by the husband and her family. While India permits triple talaq, the matter is subjudice with Supreme Court. More than 20 Muslim countries ban this practice. While India awaits the Supreme Court verdict, such grass roots actions are building pressure and driving positive societal changes.

Source: Indian Express

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India's Tallest Flag On The Pakistani Border - Where Else...
Photo: TOI

India’s Tallest Flag On The Pakistani Border – Where Else…

India biggest flag was hosted on the tallest flag pole hoist at the Indo-Paki border at Atari. This would make our soldiers proud while putting mental pressure on the Pakis. The flag which itself is 110 metres (360 feet) long and 24 metres wide and weights 55,000 kgs, was hosted on the 110 metre tall flag pole.

Source: TOI

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Photo: DNA India

Growing Attacks On Indians In USA…

Last few days and weeks has seen a growing number of “reported” attacks on Indians in the USA unlike never before. A young and married Hyderabad origin computer developed was shot dead in a Kansas City bar in public view, while his good friend was shot but later hospitalized and survived. A long-time settled Gujarati businessman was shot dead soon after he closed his shop on Friday night in South Carolina, and then a Sardarji was shot in the Seattle area and asked to leave their country (USA) and go home. Per informal rumors, the community is talking of unusual questions being asked at shops about legal status, etc. Are these isolated instances or something more scary? Indians collectively are one of the most educated and well to do communities.

Source: DNA India

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A Village Of Twins In Kerala...
Photo: MSN

A Village of Twins In Kerala…

While India has a low birth rate of twins, Kodinhi, a village in Kerala defies that. On a visit there, it seems like every other person seems to have a twin. In fact the village has over 200 twins – and several of whom are girls. People have tried to find the reasons but none could be found. At least, this is a good thing…

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Agni V Missile
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Agni V Missile – A Major Achievement

India’s Agni missile series is a major achievement. The Agni V – intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a nuclear warhead is the latest development and the most advanced missile by Indian. This has a range of over 5,000 kilometers so at least half the world is in its range – all of China, Pakistan, Japan Africa and even Europe. One final test remains before it is ready for use, and after its successful completion would be recruited in to the armed forces. India will join the only 4 other countries with such long range missiles who are USA, Russia, China and UK.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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