Only In India - 11 Crores To Perform Last Rites For Jain Monk
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Only In India – 11 Crores To Perform Last Rites For Jain Monk

Shri Premsurjiswaji, 97, a highly revered Jain monk and who was the chief of Tapagachha sect died recently. Not surprising, Jains consider it to be a great honour to support and take part in the funeral rites of such eminent monks including lighting the pyre and rituals that follow. In keeping with this spirit, 5 members of the Jain community, a builder, a doctor and three other business persons raised a combined 11,11,11,111 which is more than 11 crores to light the funeral pyre. A temple will come up at the funeral site. Perhaps some wonder what happens to such large funds raised and the simple answer is a trust fund is setup and all donated funds are used for charitable purposes.

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Swastika - An Holy & Sacred symbol for Indian Dharmic Religions
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Contrary to the hateful meaning it has taken on for many since its misappropriation by the Nazis, the Swastika is an ancient and holy symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune. It is commonly used at the entrances of Hindu homes, in temples, and on invitations to auspicious occasions such as weddings and other rites of passage. The Swastika is also a sacred symbol for Buddhist, Jains, and Sikhs. Unfortunately, Hitler’s usurpation of the Swastika still continues to overshadow the beautiful meanings behind this ancient Hindu symbol.

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