Thank God! - Pakistani Airline To Stop India Flights...
Photo: NDTV

Thank God! – Pakistani Airline To Stop India Flights…

Indian are all surprised and soon will breathe a sigh of relief that PIA – the Pakistani International Airline will stop flights between Karachi and Lahore and Mumbai. If you ask, most Indians would have thought NO such commercial airline flights were in operation. There were only twice weekly flights, which was also the only air link between the two countries, and probably the way Pakistani artists came to act in Bollywood films. After these flights stop, the only way to travel would be to go to a third country, make a stopover, and change airlines.

Source: NDTV

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15,000+ Crore Of Dawood Ibrahim's Properties Siezed In India And UAE

15,000+ Crore Of Dawood Ibrahim’s Properties Siezed In India And UAE

Dawood Ibrahim is one of India’s most wanted criminals who is in hiding in Karachi, Pakistan under the protection of the Pakistani army. After India’s active diplomatic outreach to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are reports that over rupees 15,000 crore of Dawood’s property has been seized in recent weeks. In addition, a Mumbai tribunal has allowed the government to seize two properties in Mumbai. This could be the start of more seizures by the government. Let us wait and watch!

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