India Need To Be More Islamic Than Islamic Countries
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Does India Need To Be More Islamic Than Islamic Countries…?

Many muslim women’s group and civic society is protesting again medieval era triple-talaq and polygamy laws. Muslim countries where Islam is the state religion have undergone major reforms in these and other practices of Islam. Government of India has filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court that India being a secular constitutional republic, the fundamental rights supercede all other rights including minority rights. So the conclusion implies that religious laws like sharia and triple talaq are voidable under this section, the only reason for our delay is because political parties are pandering to vote-bank politics. So does secular India need to be more Islamic than Islamic countries?

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Muslim Board Says You Need Polygamy To Prevent Illicit Sex ... You Decide

Muslim Board Says You Need Polygamy To Prevent Illicit Sex… You Decide

You must hear what the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) largely an unelected body, recently told the Supreme Court: 1) As Men are better at controlling emotions than women, hence only Husbands have been granted the triple talaq mode of oral divorce; and 2) they also defended polygamy, where a Muslim man can have up to four wives by stating that this was necessary to prevent illicit sex and was a way to protect women. It would be nice to hear women’s perspective, but clearly several muslim women organizations are now in the forefront to ban both practices. Triple talaq and polygamy is banned in several countries and even some which are muslim majority, where only courts can grant divorce. So in India, a country governed by a constitution and inviolable right to equality to all, should not this apply to our significant muslim population? Why is the AIMPLB sticking to medieval ideas?

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Muslim Woman Get Triple Talaq In Speed Post
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Muslim Woman Get Triple Talaq In Speed Post… Moves Supreme Court

In what could be a first time ever, 25-yr old Afreen Rehman received the “triple talaq” by speed post. This letter after her in-laws started harrasing and beating her for dowry and she went to her mothers. In light of these types of social injustice to women, Shaista Ambar, president of the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) wants to ban the triple talaq system. A committee setup at the Center has also recommended a ban on the practice of triple talaq and polygamy. Hope our super activist Supreme Court will gave a fair hearing to muslim women?

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Egypt has drafted a bill to ban burqa and Islamic veils in public places. Bangladesh wants to gets secular, Iceland wants to decriminalize blasphemy law, and even in India muslim women have approached the Supreme Court to consider banning triple thalaq, female genital mutilation, entry into darga etc.. So where will all this end up … hopefully to a better world.


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