Kulbhushan Jadav's Life May Be Saved
Photo: Business Standard

Kulbhushan Jadav’s Life May Be Saved…

Former Naval Officer, Kulbhushan Jadav was kidnapped by Pakistani Army from Iran 18 months back and kept in confinement. Pakistan has declined consular access every of the 14 times, a common protocol. In April, Jadav was given the death sentence by a Military Court – all very questionable. Left with no response or choice, India has approached the International Court of Justice to seek proper justice and that Pakistan follow agreed upon international treaty norms and conventions. Hearing will continue which would be a source of great embarrassment for the Pakistani Army. As the charges and evidence is questionable, there is a ray of hope that Jadav would get relief that he is due and is finally released.

Source: Business Standard

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Nothing Wrong If Soldiers Beat Up Stone Throwers
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Nothing Wrong If Soldiers Beat Up Stone Throwers…

Our soldiers are getting beaten up from all sides – in the border, they have to deal with the terrorists and the Pakistani Army, and inside Kashmir they are having to deal with stone throwers who are allegedly acting as a front for the enemy – the Pakistani army and separatists who are the terrorist sponsors, and the terrorists themselves, and some stupid Indian media (and western media) who lay all blame on our soldiers. So what is wrong if our soldiers in an act of self defense as well as to teach a lesson to these stone throws beat them up? Are these stone throwers being paid to attack our soldiers – if we are in a battle then the consequences and casualty should be both ways.

Source: Firstpost

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15,000+ Crore Of Dawood Ibrahim's Properties Siezed In India And UAE

15,000+ Crore Of Dawood Ibrahim’s Properties Siezed In India And UAE

Dawood Ibrahim is one of India’s most wanted criminals who is in hiding in Karachi, Pakistan under the protection of the Pakistani army. After India’s active diplomatic outreach to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are reports that over rupees 15,000 crore of Dawood’s property has been seized in recent weeks. In addition, a Mumbai tribunal has allowed the government to seize two properties in Mumbai. This could be the start of more seizures by the government. Let us wait and watch!

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Pakistan Shifts Terror Masterminds To Safe Place - An Army Camp
Photo: DDI News

Pakistan Shifts Terror Masterminds To Safe Place – An Army Camp…

After India’s recent surgical strikes into Pakistan, different segments of Pakistani society and institutions have experienced shock waves. Pakistani Army and the ISI have reportedly moved the two terror masterminds Hafiz Sayeed, the founder of JuD and Lashkar and Sayed Salahuddin to Lahore Army Camps. Does anyone need any further proof as to who are the main sponsors and supporters of these terrorist groups?

Source: DDI News

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Pakis Missing In UP
Photo: Mid Day

Scary – 200 Paki Terrorist Infiltrated, And 350 Pakis Missing In Uttar Pradesh

Intelligence source have said 200 Pakistani terrorists have already entered Kashmir and 100 more are waiting to get pushed in by the Pakistani Army and ISI. Their plan to step up violence and go after both armed forces and soft targets both in Jammu & Kashmir and rest of India. The escalation of tension with Pakistan is also hitting Uttar Pradesh where 350 Pakistanis, who entered with valid visas, but have gone missing and not traceable Not surprisingly the state police is in a tizzy and is working with intelligence agencies to trace them.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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People Are Fed Up Of Terror Camps
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Even Pakistan Occupied Kashmir People Are Fed Up Of Terror Camps

Not just Indians and people of many countries fed up of terrorists and terror strikes, now even citizens of POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) are fed up of these camps and are actively protesting and complaining and seeking their removal. People from several parts of POK including Kotli, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Chinari, Diamer, Mirpur, Neelum Valley and other towns feel that the terror training camps and the presence of terrorists has severely affected their life and safety. As people are so fed up, some have even said that they will take the situation in their own hands. POK people are also protesting the atrocities committed by Pakistani Army and the ISI.

Source: NDTV

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