Very Big Reforms Needed At The Supreme Court Of India...
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Very Big Reforms Needed At The Supreme Court Of India…

The Supreme Court of India has been held in very high esteem, but now a growing number of observers and citizens feel that the court needs major reforms and transparency in its dealings. Recently, 4 of the senior most judges after the CJI publicly rebelled against the  Chief Justice.

The list of issues raised in recent months and past years include:

  • senior judges are kept of of constitution bench cases;
  • cases are randomly assigned or forum shopping where cases are assigned to judges based on the hope of a verdict;
  • in 2010 it was alleged that 9 out 16 judges were corrupt at one time, no written procedures or documentation on who are nominated to be next judges on selection of new judges;
  • judges and their family member not being required to make public their assets that other public officials are required to;
  • unexpected judgements, overuling good judgements of lower courts; and
  • even objecting to the setup of a National Judicial Oversight Committee.

Something needs to be done fast to fix the rot and restore the court’s stature.

Source: Swarajyamag

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