Desh Mein Modi, Uttar Pradesh Mein Yogi As Chief Minister
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Yogi Adityanath Ji: Well Said And Well Done… So Much Common Sense

With the kind of clarity we have rarely heard in recent time, the honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh said:

1) [in Hindi] if during Eid I cannot stop the namaz being offered on roads. then I have no right to stop the celebration of Janmashtami at police stations. if he cannot stop the offering of namaz on roads during Eid, he has no right to stop celebration of Janmashtami at police stations.

2) what is an auspicious religious procession (Shiva devotees Kanwar Yatra) without “band baaja, microphones, DJs and music systems“, AND

3) if these are banned for this Yatra they should be banned in EVERY place of worship and if they cannot be, then these cannot be banned for the Yatra either.

Soooooooo much common sense and well said! You have truly spoken of equality and fairness to one and all.

Source: Indian Express

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Major Menu Change Likely For Mid-Day Meals...
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Major Menu Change Likely For Mid Day Meals…

Nearly 15 crore mid-day meals are served in government schools all across. Each state and district organizes these differently. In the states where these are considered well run, they are generally outsourced. But in the some other states like Bihar and UP, teachers are involved in both cooking the food and serving, a big issue as teachers are distracted from the important job of teaching. Government is looking at major overhauls both in the menu – the goal is to serve at least 450 calories and 12 grams of nutritious food, and how/who prepares and serves them.

Source: DNA India

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Unfair Focus - Telangana Government Top Priority Focus Education Of Minorities...
Photo: The Hindu

Unfair Focus – Telangana Government Top Priority Focus Education Of Minorities…

Telangana does it again by focusing only on giving top education of minorities. VOTE BANK POLITICS TO THE EXTREME. They spend hundreds and thousands of crores on such things while leaving out the majority. Previous state governments in many states have done this – Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka (currently), Kerala, and the list goes on. Sadly, such lop sided focus has not led to a very educated minorities. At the same time, the majority children don’t receive proper funding or facilities.

Source: The Hindu

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Wow! In UP, Schools & Govt With Less Holidays, Have To Work Harder...
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Wow! In UP, Schools & Govt With Less Holidays, Have To Work Harder…

In a proactive move, Yogi Adityanath, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has cancelled 15 holidays for schools, colleges and government, which were there to commemorate “great people”. The chief minister said, “special programmes will be held to educate school children about the great leaders. Many times, children don’t even know why the school has been closed.” Now that is real cutting edge thinking. Schools currently run only around 120 days as against a minimum of 220 days per year, so now the school year would increase as well as the working hours of the government.

Source: Times of India

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Pre-Navaratri, People Driven To Become Veggies
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Pre-Navaratri, People Driven To Become Veggies…

The new Uttar Pradesh government has shut-down essentially illegal slaughter house (not sure why they were operating in the first place). This has led to the expected shortage and a hike in prices. People are taking tofish instead and that is seeing a spike. There are reports that as this happened in the days before Navaratri when people load up on eating more meat than usual in preparation of the nine day Navaratri fasting when they are strictly vegetarian. But the slaughter house shutdown and the resulting price spike and shortages has totally disrupted their usual practice. Have you heard of something like this?

Source: The Hindu

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UP's Anti-Romeo Squads - To Keep Women Safe
Photo: Indian Express

UP’s Anti Romeo Squads – To Keep Women Safe

BJP’s Election Manifesto for UP was to ensure safety and remove harassment for girls and women. As promised, the government is forming anti-romeo squads in each police station. Each “squad” consists of 5 police personnel with 3 women and 2 men. They patrol schools, colleges, malls, markets and parks and other public areas to keep anti-social elements in check, women and girls safe. Presumably, an unstated objective could be to discourage love-jihad which people say involves using deceit to win over Hindu girls and then convert them to Islam, even if not voluntary. These moves which are the first of its kind at such a large scale, could be copied in other towns, cities and states.

Source: Indian Express

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Desh Mein Modi, Uttar Pradesh Mein Yogi As Chief Minister
Photo: India Today

Desh Mein Modi, Uttar Pradesh Mein Yogi As Chief Minister

43 year MP and Mahant of the Gorakhpur Temple was elected as the 32nd Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Yogiji became the youngest MP of the Lok Sabha at the age of 26 and has continually won all elections as BJP MP of Gorakhpur constituency since 1988. Yogiji is very popular and is highly respected for the work he has done in his constituency for everyone.

Source: The Hitavada

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Uttar Pradesh to Be Divided Into 3 States...
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Uttar Pradesh to Be Divided Into 3 States…

Uttar Pradesh was already divided as Uttarakhand comprising of hill section was carved out to be a state. Mayawati had passed a bill to divide UP into four states – Awadh, Pashchim Pradesh, Bundelkhand and Purvanchal. BJP won a landslide in UP and rules in the center and is a strong proponent of smaller and more governable smaller states. So it is only a matter of time that the largest state gets divided up. The recently held state elections could be the last of its kind for Uttar Pradesh as we know it.

Source: First Post

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Akhilesh's UP Govt Giving Laptops Based On Religion & Caste?
Photo: Huffingtonpost

Akhilesh’s UP Govt Giving Laptops Based On Religion & Caste?

One party has said that in Uttar Pradesh, which is in the midst of assembly polls, the government first asks for your religion and caste first and if it is not favorable – THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A LAPTOP. Obviously pretty shocking, and if true – how is the government able to get away with it?

Source: Indian Express

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Pakis Missing In UP
Photo: Mid Day

Scary – 200 Paki Terrorist Infiltrated, And 350 Pakis Missing In Uttar Pradesh

Intelligence source have said 200 Pakistani terrorists have already entered Kashmir and 100 more are waiting to get pushed in by the Pakistani Army and ISI. Their plan to step up violence and go after both armed forces and soft targets both in Jammu & Kashmir and rest of India. The escalation of tension with Pakistan is also hitting Uttar Pradesh where 350 Pakistanis, who entered with valid visas, but have gone missing and not traceable Not surprisingly the state police is in a tizzy and is working with intelligence agencies to trace them.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Patel Community
Photo: Hindustan Times


The skewed sex-ratio or gender gap in the Gujarati Patel community, has also forced the Patidars to go searching for brides in other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, or even further away in Oriya. To highlight how dire is the situation, in the first-ever matchmaking ceremony of the kind arranged in October, nearly 50 prospective brides could chose from a pool of over 5,000 Patel boys.

Source: Hindustan Times

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Dowry Deaths
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In 2 separate incidents in Uttar Pradesh, a woman was burnt to death and in another the woman suffered serious burn injuries. This is really sad. The question for us is why in the 21st century such things still happen? How can we overcome once and for all?

Source: PTI

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Ayodhya Carsevaks
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Mulayam Singh, currently a Samajwadi party Loksabha MP, as chief minister of undivided Uttar Pradesh ordered the police to fire on lacs of karsevaks who were approaching Ayodhya – many were killed on that day. Suddenly, he is feeling sad for that incident, however, no regrets have been expressed. One is left to wonder the real motivation – one could be all the important state elections in UP next year.

Source: Niticentral

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Ineligible Urdu Teacher
Photo: Asianage


A recent UP gov’t order makes a person with two or more wives not eligible to apply for Urdu teacher positions. Also, female candidates who are married to a man who has two wives, both living, would also be considered non-eligible. So the minister quoted the reason for this: “This has been done to remove confusion as to who should be the beneficiary in the case of the employee’s death,” The UP govt official also said “the order applied equally to all staff, whether they are teachers of Urdu or another subject. The reason for this is to avoid confusion in the distribution of pension.” So you decide if any of this makes sense? The Muslim Personal Law Board does not like this and has come up with its solution..

Source: Asianage

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November 2 - 25th year of Anniverssary
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Today, November 2nd marks the 25th year anniversary of firing (on 2nd November, 1990) on VHP Karsevaks by UP Govt as they were proceeding to Ayodhya. Hundreds of unarmed volunteers and sadhus dies in the cold blooded firing. Now the same Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party government has declined to give permission to VHP to pay tribute to their martyrs and remember their martyrdom.

Source: Niticentral

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