Opposition Feels EVMs Are Rigged Only In States They Lose...
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Opposition Feels EVMs Are Rigged Only In States They Lose…

Congress and over 10 opposition parties have petitioned the Election Commission stating that EVM (Electronic Voting Machines) were either faulty or rigged to favor only one opponent (BJP of course). So they site the results of UP and Uttarakhand, but don’t cite Punjab (which Congress won) or Bengal (where TMC won and there were so many allegations of illegal voting), or in Delhi where AAP won 67 out of 70 MLA seats, or in sevaral previous elections. Regarding VVPAT machines – where the EVMs give a paper receipt and a good idea, the Congress which was in power for ten years saw no urgency to implement it. Now they say the Central government is delaying implementation.

Does all this make sense… as CITIZENS AND VOTERS YOU DECIDE!!!

Source: NDTV

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Voters Give Demonetization A Big Thumps Up
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Voters Give Demonetization A Big Thumps Up – BJP Win Two Key States

Political commentators thoughts demonetization would backfire on the ruling party. Instead during the recent local and panchayat level elections in Maharashtra and Gujarat, BJP made a clean sweep in both states in a big way. There were always many issues, drought, regional and community agitations such as Marathwada and Patildars. The big recent programme and potential public issue was the demonetization. Opposition parties are leading agitations, bandhs and stalling parliament. But at the ground level voters have spoken in a big and convincingly way about how they see it. So would the opposition listen and respect the verdict?

Source: DNA India

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