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Growing Attacks On Indians In USA…

Last few days and weeks has seen a growing number of “reported” attacks on Indians in the USA unlike never before. A young and married Hyderabad origin computer developed was shot dead in a Kansas City bar in public view, while his good friend was shot but later hospitalized and survived. A long-time settled Gujarati businessman was shot dead soon after he closed his shop on Friday night in South Carolina, and then a Sardarji was shot in the Seattle area and asked to leave their country (USA) and go home. Per informal rumors, the community is talking of unusual questions being asked at shops about legal status, etc. Are these isolated instances or something more scary? Indians collectively are one of the most educated and well to do communities.

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India - Fastest Growing Nation
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India now has the fastest growing economy in the world at 7.5% in 2015 faster than China and in the previous year and this trend is expected to continue for the next several decades. The western world’s commentators and politicians feel India is a “natural ally”and are hoping it will toe their line. However, as recent article put it rightly, that there is no obvious reason why a colony that was exploited for 200 years before winning its independence, and been treated unfairly by the west, should align itself with western powers. Instead, India will be like any other power – with a strong sense of its own interests in foreign policy and everything else, and with or without western approval. So some serious rethinking would be needed in the western capitals – Washington, London and Paris.

Source: The Guardian

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