India Will Not Compromise Anymore...
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India Will Not Compromise Anymore…

With a strong central & national government in India, which is growing stronger with more wins in state elections, Chinese media feel that India will not easily compromise and will have a hardline attitude, making for tough battles on almost any subject. Other countries feel that India’s attitude has gone from trying never to offend (hard to imagine?) to try to maximize its own interests at every opportunity. Well Pakistan is at the receiving end.

Well done India!

Source: TOI

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Have Jallikattu Protests Been Hijacked By Jihadists And Turned Anti-National?
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Have Jallikattu Protests Been Hijacked By Jihadists And Turned Anti-National?

In a shocking turn of events – Jihadists, anti-national forces and others seeking a separate Tamil (or Ealam) land have hijacked these protests and taken a front stage. These new protesters can be charged with treason. They are snatching mikes away from students who bravely have led these protests. These groups who actually kill and eat the cow and bull are now pretending to protect the cow, but the real reason is to balkanize and weaken India. On group – the Naam Tamizhar Katchi is asking people to protest the Republic Day celebrations, wear black flags and not salute the national flag. The central government under PM Modi proactively was working on finding an ordinance resolution. Central Minister Nirmala Sitharaman suggested to the state to issue an ordinance which was done and the law will be made permanent. But now these anti-national forces are trying to come together to target PM Modi, the Central and State government. THINGS HAVE GOT TOO SERIOUS. JALLIKATTU IS NOW THE LAW, LET US TAKE SERIOUS ACTION AGAINST THESE ANTI-NATIONAL FORCES.

Source: Satya Vijayi

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Issue Domicile Id Cards, Don't Listen to Kashmiri Separatists
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Issue Domicile ID Cards, Don’t Listen to Kashmiri Separatists…

After 70 years, Government of India authorized the issue of authentication certificate to the stateless former citizens of West Pakistan. They live in pathetic refugee conditions and were not able to apply for jobs in central government or armed forces. The new certificate give them identify and legitimacy to take on a more normal life. So what happened? The separatists of Kashmir, all Sunni Muslims started protesting – why? They said this is Anti-Kashmiri and Anti-Muslim, and these actions will lead to losing Muslims losing their majority status in the state. There is no humanitarian concern for the Sikh or Hindu refugees. Let the central government stay firm and implement its decision and help these helpless people after 70 years to lead a more normal life.

Source: The North Lines

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Strong Action Needed Against Naga Rebels Blocking Manipur
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Strong Action Needed Against Naga Rebels Blocking Manipur…

The Naga rebels have been continuing a blockage of the national highway to Manipur for over 45 days. This is causing acute shortage of petrol, diesel and essential commodities and causing enormous hardship to the people of the Manipur – it is really an emergency like situation. This blockage is illegal, the central government has said so. The central government should use all means necessary, including force to remove the blockage and ensure the return of normalcy and rule of law.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Literate Kerala Is A Complete Mess In The Digital Age

Kerala called God’s owned country is also considered to be 100% literate. However, it is very late in reissuing 78 lakh new ration cards. The update or ration cards are done by different government agencies and outside IT contractors but there seems to be no coordination. In comparison, the central government could issue on a timely basis without any hitch 100 crore Aadhar cards, 1 crore passport each year – with Kerala alone getting 11 lakh passports. So Kerala has a long way to go to become digitally literate.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Unwanted Fuss About Building Ramayana Museum In Ayodhya
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Unwanted Fuss About Building Ramayana Museum In Ayodhya…

The central government wants to build a Ramayana museum on a 25 acre site, 15 kilometers from the Ram Janmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya. This is to promote Lord Rama’s life and the Ramayana, and the religious circuits of – Ramayana Circuit, Krishna Circuit and Buddhist Circuit, and the center has sanctioned funds for the same. The land to be used is free from any issues. Now secular politicians and individuals are objecting – with of course no basis. Should one not construct this museum on land which is free of any issues?

Source: Zee News

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Robert Vadra & Priyanka Gandhi
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Thanks to a RTI, we learn that Priyanka Gandhi (daughter of Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President) and spouse Robert Vadra who are worth multi-crores and against whom their are corruption allegations, cannot afford to pay a minimal rent of Rs. 53,421 for a 2,765 square meter (over 30,000 sq feet) bungalow located in the prime and prestigious Lutyens of New Delhi. These prime locations market rent is not Rs. 53,421 that the central government wanted to charge, but lakhs if not crores, and even then it may be difficult to find such accommodations. It is being reported that Priyanka Gandhi negotiated with the then government to reduce the rent by a massive 82%, from a well below market rent of Rs. 53,421 per month to only Rs. 8,888.

Source: Firstpost

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Marathwada Drought
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Marathwada which is making a long and acute drought received the first ever 50 wagon water train. The water will be filtered by the railways and piped for consumption. The idea was conceived by the Maharashtra and Central government on March 22, the first rake was sent for steam cleaning (key right as it is for drinking water!) on March 26 followed by other ones, and then the first train arrived at its destination on April 10. Now the local administration will lay the pipes in 3 days (note 3 days only) so that filtered water can be piped. We think this is amazing work, what do you think.

Source: DNA India

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Ford Foundation, a US$ 12 billion social organization has operated in India since after independence. Recently, the Gujarat government has raised national security and other concerns about its actions. The Central govt put restrictions on its operations. The US Govt, the US Ambassador have reporting been lobbying on its behalf – this report itself raises lots of questions as to what if any are any linkages. Indian has asked this entity to finally register under the FEMA act (the Foreign Exchange Management Act (Fema), 1999, a minimum to receive funds from overseas.

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