Female SWAT Unit For PM and VVIPS
Photo: OpIndia

‘1st In India – An All Women S.W.A.T. Team Part Of Red Fort Security For PM & Other VVIPS…

India’s first ever (and could be world’s first ever) 36 member all women S.W.A.T. team was part of the extensive security arrangements for the Independence day at Red Fort. This SWAT team is part of Delhi Police which oversees Independence Day security at the Red Fort.

A successful SWAT team member – man or woman needs to go through harsh physical and mental training for over 12 months on weapons handling, counter-terrorism amongst other things.

The 36 member team, all women constables are from our North-Eastern states – wear the prized blue uniforms and always carry lethal guns. So ALL Delhiites – a call to action –> GIVE YOUR BEST WISHES AND MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME IN YOUR CITY.. The more at home they are – the more effective they will be in protecting You!

Source: OpIndia

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India To Curb
Photo: Google

‘About Time … India To Curb & Put Checks On Tech Giants…

For most educated people in the world, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are practically controlling their lives – people are addicted to them and through our usage have access and control of all kinds of personal data. For the growing Indian smartphone users – over 400 million at last count, this is not different.

So on eve of our Independence day, we learn that Indian government wants to put “some checks” on these tech giants. Some of these include: –

Require all citizens data as it relates to e-commerce, social media, search engines to be stored “exclusively in India”. This also applies to Indian companies that have data stored overseas. Yes this will cause some additional data center costs but don’t forget that we are the second largest internet market and the fastest growing one in the world.

– Indian government wants to level the playing field and encourage domestic innovation to boost the Indian digital economy.

– Close some loopholes that give favourable treatment to foreign e-commerce companies that skirt around foreign ownership rules.

In some ways, we are learning from China which has done these things successfully and also has a world class tech industry and companies. SO AS WE GET READY TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY, INDIAN GOVERNMENT IS WORKING TO ENABLE INDIA AND CRORES OF INDIANS TO GAIN INDEPENDENCE FROM THE GLOBAL TECH GIANTS…this should long overdue and we all should welcome that!!!

As usual the technical industry SURPRISING THOSE IN INDIA ARE OPPOSING. Not sure what is wrong with them – or perhaps they want to be controlled by the industry of another country…

Source: Morningstar

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Tricolour Manufacturing Unit
Photo: Indianeagle

We Salute Women Run India’s Only Official Tricolour Manufacturing Unit…

As another Independence Day approaches us, let us congratulate India’s only official Tricolour manufacturing unit located in Bengeri Village in Hubli, in North Karnataka. Tulsageri village in Bagalkot district of Karnataka weaves the special khadi cloth used to make the flag – and works pretty much non-stop. The Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Samyukta Sangha was founded in 1957 by freedom fighter Shri Venkatesh Magadi.

They have supplied over 3 crore flags to Indian Government offices in just the past 3 years. The flags need to meet exacting standards laid out by the ISB – The Bureau of Indian Standards. It would also be amazing to know that the official flags are manufactured in only nine sizes measuring from 0.5×0.3 feet (the smallest) to 21×14 feet (the biggest). All Indians need to visit both of these villages…

Source: Indianeagle

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Our 71st Independence Day
Photo: Google

Our 71st Independence Day, India Is So Calm That It Is Boring…

As the 71st Independence Day is upon us – India is a “sea of calm” unlike recent years and decades. All things we have been asking for are happening: corruption is going down fast (but not out yet), things actually work – including our Parliament, most things (but not our courts) move faster, country is getting cleaner, there are more toilets which people use, lots of roads and bridges are getting built at a faster pace, more things online makes things easier to find, surplus food and milk, very low inflation,  anything one might want is widely available… and on and on… Our society is not perfect but we are moving in that direction. Still many many things to improve… poverty, education, jobs, police… But there is now hope and confidence that the system / things will change for better. So much less to fight for, leading to much less excitement…

All this is making our life sooooo boring…

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