Mamata Banerjee, Bengal CM Should Resign As The Bengal Is Burning...
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Mamata Banerjee, Bengal CM Should Resign As The Bengal Is Burning…

A growing number of people including political leaders say Bengal is burning almost everywhere. In the north there is intense Gorkhaland agitation a recent development, but the state due to intense minority appeasement is seeing communal riots in succession. Houses and shops are burned, people are displayed and Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee either blames her political opponents or claims that the situation is peaceful. The media till recently was maintaining total silence (you could argue selectively) to avoid worsening the situation. Things are so bad that the Mamata did not allow the Governor of the State to speak to the state’d DGP – Director General of Police. So can Mamata restore peace in the state, has she lost all credibility, can she be trusted, have things gotten out of control? Under these conditions, it might be best for Mamata to take responsibility and resign.

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Another Serious Riot In Bengal - Most Media Is Silent
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Another Serious Riot In Bengal – Most Media Is Silent…

There was one more serious communal riot triggered by the minority community near Kolkata. During the recent Eid-e-Milad commemoration, mobs looted Hindu shops, attacked the local with choppers along with heavy stone pelting and arson. Nearly 100 shops were burned or destroyed and countless people are injured. Did you hear about it? Most likely NO. if you did, how did you – did you hear it on TV or newspapers, NO. Most likely it was on social media – where information is now free flowing and not censored, and we can be thankful for! The state CM – Mamata Banerjee who is too busy trying to create a national presence and one who wants to protest everything, has not said anything or even been seen?


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Immersion of Durga Idols
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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announce on 18th September that immersion of Durga Idols has been banned on the 23rd and 24th of October throughout West Bengal. The restriction on immersion of Idols on those two days is because the dates clash with Muharram. This is both shocking and unfortunate since in Bangladesh where Hindus which are a minority community did not see any such restrictions.

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Hindu Tribals
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On 21st  July, allegedly it was posted on Facebook that some Islamic fundamentalists in order to capture Tribal land in Chakulia (North Dinajpur) looted everything from houses of 10 families and set fire to them. The village is two kilometers west of Chakulia police station, Belan region, Setu Mouja, Sirshi village. These tribals have 24 bighas of land in their name which they have lived for eternity.

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