BJP's UP Win - The Biggest Ever
Photo: India Today

BJP’s UP Win – The Biggest Ever…

BJP win of 312 and allies of 13 & its allies for a total of 325 seats won out of 403 seats or nearly 81% of the seats which is the biggest victory in the largest state in India. A big factor was a massive Hindu consolidation with very small proportion of Muslim votes. This is a vote for vikas, development for all, against minority (read appeasement) at the cost of the majority community and against goondaism. This victory is far bigger than Indira Gandhi in the pre-divided Uttar Pradesh, and much bigger than the 1990s mandir consolidation. Congratulations to the party!!! We may be moving past caste calculations to performance and messages … another positive trend.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Rahul Gandhi lacks experience
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Lord Meghnad Desai feels that lack of experience in treasury benches and Rahul Gandhi’s desperate bid to prove himself as a leader are reasons for the current impasse in parliament. “There isn’t any logical reason to stall the House proceedings but it was done because Rahul Gandhi is desperate to prove himself a leader.” Unfortunately, this might make for global news, but most Indians are not surprised.

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