Israel Is India's True Friend For Ever
Photo: Times of Israel

Israel Is India’s True Friend For Ever…

Just like Russia, Israel has always been a true friend on India in both good times and bad. During thte 1971 war and later wars, Russia and Israel came to India’s rescue. Now India-Israel relations on all areas, especially in the defence arena continues to grow. India will purchase the latest ong-range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) defense systems for four Indian navy ships worth hundreds of crores. This has a major “make in India” component with India’s Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) and other companies.

Source: Times of Israel

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Leftist Indian Intellectuals
Photo: Swarajyamag

Leftist Indian Intellectuals Are Copycats With Ideas Decades Behind Their Foreign Leaders…

Normally intellectuals by definition are forward looking high-thinkers, but not so in the case of the Indian leftist ones. You know when you see them – several current and former Jawaharlal Nehru University alumni, from Jadavpur University and other leftist universities and some who pass opinion from the power center of Delhi. They celebrate the “lal salaam” or red salute even though it is decades outdated. They want us to follow ideas of Stalin and Lenin of Russia even though the mother country Russia and former Soviet Union countries have moved on to their former traditional values. These intellectuals and the naxalites in different parts follow the Maoist ideas of China while is very capitalistic in nature and building Confucian and Buddhist schools and temples. So perhaps these “misguided” intellectuals need to go to school again…

Source: Swarajyamag

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US Copyrights Shame List
Photo: Google


US is pursuing needless provocation by putting India, China, Russia and others on the COPYRIGHTS SHAME LIST. The unsaid point seems to be that US intellectual property is superior if not the best, and all countries should follow and be subjective to US copyright laws. Well in that case, India should celebrate being placed on these shame lists…

Source: TOI

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Indian Diaspora
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With over 20 million people, India has the largest number of its people or migrants living outside India. India has the largest diaspora in the world, followed by Mexico and Russia. India is well ahead of Mexico. Other countries with large Diasporas included Russia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ukraine. This diaspora excludes offspring of these migrants who would then be people of Indian origin.

Source: MSN

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