Horror Story - Christian Girl Throws Acid On Lover Who Refused To Convert
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Horror Story – Christian Girl Throws Acid On Lover Who Refused To Convert…

Lydia, a Bangalore based christian girl threw acid on her lover Jayakumar and slashed his face as he refused to convert to Christianity despite repeated pressure. Jayakumar agreed to marry. They had met five years ago and fell in love soon after. Lydia, a working nurse, kept pushing for marriage but also conversion. Police have arrested Lydia and her cousin Sunil a possible accomplice in this gory criminal act is absconding. Jayakumar is recovering from severe burns and cuts, and is still not out of danger. While this is one example, India has faced for centuries (since mughal and british rule) forced conversions by money power and force. Since independence, really now seven decades, these things are going on unabated. A vast majority of money from western governments going to NGOs in India is used for conversion under the alibi of social service. This menace has to be stopped.

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Bengaluru will be a dead city in 5 years
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An IISC (Indian Institute of Science) study claims the headline – Bengaluru will become unlivable in 5 years. The thinking behind this is that the city has grown five times, while its vegetation has declined by nearly 80%, and it has lost 80% of its vital water sources. Once a naturally air conditioned city, the city relied on over 600 lakes and ponds on keep it cool and green, but many of these water sources have been lost or urbanized. It gets its water from the Cauvery river which is 100 kms away, and flows 1,000 feet deep – so if this river dries up, the city could die. So Bengaluru is in trouble, but so are many other Indian cities.

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