Jammu Kathua Case - Hope For Fair Trial
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Jammu Kathua Case: Hope For Fair Trial & CBI To Handle Case…

Reading news reports and statements in and by the media, public at large, NGO, activists and the world media – it looks like the accused, entire villages, the entire Hindu community of Jammu the J&K Bar Council, the BJP party members are ALL GUILTY AND IT IS A MATTER OF ONLY A FAIR AND QUICK TRIAL TO PROSECUTE THE GUILTY.

The most recent is the Supreme Court’s comment which said, “IF IT FINDS THE SLIGHTEST POSSIBILITY OF LACK OF FAIR TRIAL, IT WILL TRANSFER THE CASE OUT OF KATHUA”. The villagers and the entire area is under the J&K government which is totally against Jammu and this incident is causing them to create more harassment for the community. The community is asking for CBI to handle the investigation – so what is wrong? Why is the state government and even Supreme Court not allowing it. The investigation has to precede the trial and the ACCUSED ARE SAYING IT HAS BEEN AN UNFAIR PROCESS with the local police and government having framed incorrect charges? There are reports of numerous inconsistencies in the charge sheet. COULD THE SUPREME COURT HAVE SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT THE FAIRNESS OF THE INVESTIGATION?

Further, if the trial is not fair it can always be retried. What is the hurry to finish this is a short time like 90 days? What happened to other major calamities like Sikh riots, ethnic cleansing of pandits from Kashmir and on and on?

Let us not forget the Jammu region is already treated badly and this just added to it.

Source: DNA India

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Rape Is Bad But Our Media Is So Biased & Unbalanced...
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Rape Is Bad But Our Media Is So Biased & Unbalanced…

The most recent rape of 2 very young girls is an really unfortunate crime and law should take it course and give the accused the punishment they deserve. But the recent uproar, people seem to be being used for political purposes without their knowledge and the meda using it usual unbalanced reporting to bash the majority community. The Jammu rape and murder case happened a few months ago in January, but the outrage is suddenly now. Hindu community members helped the victim’s family to find the missing girl but all the media is reporting this as a hindu hate crime (but has refused to report such incidents as hate crimes when the accused are members of other religions).

There are reports of a young hindu girl raped in Assam, but there is total silence as to who the culprits? Why is that – is it because it could be from the minority community and they never mention religion?

A few days ago a muslim man chopped a 4 year’s girls’ hand and killed her because her father owed a Rs. 1,500 debt. Kashmir Pandits who continue to live as refugees in settlements in Jammu were allegedly raped by members of the local community, but were the muslims blamed for this? In Kerala and West Bengal, so many SC/ST citizens have been murdered, attacked including being raped and their land and property being stolen over many years, but there has been no comparable outrage.

When such unbalanced reporting is brought to the attention of some members of the media, there are reports that they get angry and don’t feel they have to explain. So we have to decide if media and politicians are playing us for their gain?

Source: Swarajyamag

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Padmanabhaswamy Temple
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State govts in India practices secularism in an idiotic manner. It’s a strange country whereby minority religions have the freedom to run their religious institutions any which way they like by an large, though even there is a lot of mischief happening. But as far as the majority community namely the Hindu community – the bureaucrats and the politicians that have come to control the big temples which have become the sources of loot, siphoning of money, building huge empires.

Source: Niticentral

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