Foreign Funds & Illegal Conversions

Too Much Illegal Conversions Going On – Media Keeps It Hush Hush

The Jharkhand government is planning to cancel the license of nearly 100 NGOs to receive foreign funds as they are involved in forced and illegal conversion. While only 100 will be effected at this time, several hundreds of christian organizations who claim to be providing social service are alleged to be using that as a front to force illegal conversions. This is going on actively in tribal areas in most states, and mainstream media is starting to report it. The situation in the north-eastern states is really dire as money and force is being used to convert people into Christianity and people are losing their native tribal customs and culture. Some north-eastern states are nearly 90+% christian, while others are over 40%. This is a insult to human dignity and should be stopped. In fact Mahatma Gandhi said to quote, “if he had the power to legislate, he would ban all conversions”. So now is the time to stop all conversions as the vast majority are illegal in nature.

Source: The Wire

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Gandhi & Mother Teresa
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Strange are our ways. For Mahatma Gandhi, a Mahatma, but there is no shortage of critics against him, and no apology is demanded from his critics. Various sections including Dalits repeatedly abuse and critique Gandhi and they don’t get ridiculed. However, when it comes to Mother Teresa, it seems like you cannot criticize Mother Teresa? If one does, you are termed communal. The Loksatta editor, had to apologize for publishing an editorial critical of sainthood for Mother Teresa (so much for free speech)? Arguably, there is much been written about the baggage, lack of transparency, and deeds (or maybe “misdeeds”) surrounding Mother Teresa. Should we not let this be examined in public?

Source: Firstpost

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