PM's Address To US Congress, US Wants To Correct Mistake

PM’s Address To US Congress – US Wants To Correct Their Mistake

While on the surface the invite to PM Modi to address the joint session of Congress looks routine, the real purpose and significance is the mad rush the US Congress and US government are in to set right the wrong of banning PM Modi, then chief minister of Gujarat, a duly elected representative, a US Visa and entry for more than ten years. Shocking as it would be to learn, PM Modi was the only foreign leader to have ever been denied a visa under this law.

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Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi
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Strangely, US Government claims that the Sikh articles of faith jeopardize safety and uniformity – due to which only 3 Sikhs serve in the US Army. But many Sikhs served in the Army between World War I to the Vietnam War. So something changed. Now 27 U.S. generals, signed a letter demanding that the US Government drop the ban that forbids American Sikhs to serve in the U.S. military.

Source: CNN

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