MA'AM - Superwoman, God, No Words To Describe You - "Sushma Swaraj, Our Own Videsh Mantri"
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MA’AM – Superwoman, God, No Words To Describe You – “Sushma Swaraj, Our Own Videsh Mantri”

Sushma Swaraj cares for Indian nationals 24X7 and even for Pakistanis in times of emergency. This is a statement by just one lucky Pakistani – “what do I call you? Superwoman? God? No words to describe your generosity! Love you maam Can’t stop praising you in tears!” Lots and lots of love and respect from here. Wish you were our Prime Minister, this country would’ve changed!

Of course, we are nooooooo way giving Sushma ji to be prime minister, or president or even G.O.D of Pakistani!

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PM Modi Facebook Fans - 14 To 42 Million, To 100 Million Soon...

PM Modi Facebook Fans – 14 To 42 Million, To 100 Million Soon…

Prime Minister Modi had 14 million fans in May 2014 when the current Lok Sabha election results were declared, currently he has 42 million fans or a 3 fold increase in 3 years. At this rate, we can soon expect even 100 million fans or more. And there are crores and crores of shares and post likes. The three most followed Facebook pages are PM personal page, Donald Trump the US president’s page and the PMO or the Prime Minister’s Office. Because of active social media usage, several ministers and key ministries have active followings, engagement and events. This is amazing as no other country or government of size is so active and proactive with social media interactions.


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Obama Was Successful Only Due To PM Modi
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Obama Was Successful Only Due To PM Modi…

Outgoing US president was successful on the India front only due to PM Modi. We should all remember that PM Modi, then as Chief Minister of Gujarat – his visa was denied by the US government, in part due to letter written by 65+ Indian MPs, christian evangelical organizations and some Bollywood and other citizens. People thought our PM would nver forget the damage done to him. However, Prime Minister was willing to overlook everything for the sake of the country and even so. He had his first meeting with President Obama in 3 months in the US, followed by several others, when he was invited to attended the Republic Day. India and US became natural allies, and several defense agreements were signed. All of this leading to the Indo-US relationship being the most successful of Obama foreign policy achievements.

Source: Swarajyamag

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25 December
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Besides being Christmas day, 25th December is also special as it is former PM Shri Vajpayee’s birthday, it is also Pakistan PM Nawab Sharif’s birthday as also that of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The newest addition to this is the fact that our Prime Minister Shri Modi took great personal risks to make the first ever surprise stop in Lahore, Pakistan while returning from Kabul, Afghanistan back to New Delhi. He reached home safely but … it was risky move …

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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Between May 16, 2014 and today, PM Shri Modi has NOT taken a single day off and is reported to be working constantly. This was provided by a RTI (right to information) request by the PM’s Office. Also, he manages his own personal Twitter and Facebook accounts but the official PMO accounts are managed by members of the 300+ PMO staff. Truly Amazing !!!

Source: Rediff

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