Shocked?... Hindus Not Safe In India, A Hindu Majority Country
Photo: NDTV

Shocked? Hindus not safe in India, A Hindu Majority Country

All Indians should be safe anywhere in India, but SADLY HINDUS INCREASINGLY ARE UNSAFE IN THEIR OWN HINDU MAJORITY COUNTRY. This is happening in Kashmir, now Jammu, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Bengal, Tripura, parts of Assam and others parts of the North-East. Only Hindus are targeted and raped, humiliated, killed and converted. No major newspaper ever covers these things. As Tarun Vijay, a well known parliamentarian said, “the Amarnath pilgrims’ massacre proves once again that the Hindus of India are still paying heavy price for just being a Hindu”.


Source: NDTV

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Shocking - 25 More Soldiers Killed By Maoists.. When Will This End?
Photo: WIO News

Shocking – 25 More Soldiers Killed By Maoists.. When Will This End?

25 soldiers of the 74th battalion of the CRPF were killed, 8 injured and at least 8 or more missing in the line of duty when they were  working on a road opening operation in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. The soldiers are being deployed to provide security for critical infrastructure that is being built in maoist infested areas. Without this essential security all construction activity would come to a halt. This is tragic and one is left wondering how many hundreds more soldiers and their families have to make similar sacrifices for the country in eradicating the terrorist (Kashmir), maoists (the red districts but mostly in Chhattisgarh) and secessionist threats (in some parts of the North-East)?

Source: Indian Express

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Nothing Wrong If Soldiers Beat Up Stone Throwers
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Nothing Wrong If Soldiers Beat Up Stone Throwers…

Our soldiers are getting beaten up from all sides – in the border, they have to deal with the terrorists and the Pakistani Army, and inside Kashmir they are having to deal with stone throwers who are allegedly acting as a front for the enemy – the Pakistani army and separatists who are the terrorist sponsors, and the terrorists themselves, and some stupid Indian media (and western media) who lay all blame on our soldiers. So what is wrong if our soldiers in an act of self defense as well as to teach a lesson to these stone throws beat them up? Are these stone throwers being paid to attack our soldiers – if we are in a battle then the consequences and casualty should be both ways.

Source: Firstpost

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India's Tallest Flag On The Pakistani Border - Where Else...
Photo: TOI

India’s Tallest Flag On The Pakistani Border – Where Else…

India biggest flag was hosted on the tallest flag pole hoist at the Indo-Paki border at Atari. This would make our soldiers proud while putting mental pressure on the Pakis. The flag which itself is 110 metres (360 feet) long and 24 metres wide and weights 55,000 kgs, was hosted on the 110 metre tall flag pole.

Source: TOI

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Bsf Soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav Is A Hero
Photo: Hindustan Times

BSF Soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav Is A Hero… He Spoke Out

Tej Bahadur Yadav, the Border Security Force soldier is a hero. At great personal risk, by speaking out about the lack of proper food and diet and even possible corruption, he has ensure this critical issue is highlighted and addressed. In the process he has safeguarded the life, well being security of not only other BSF soldiers, and units but the possible existence of such terrible working conditions at all paramilitary and Indian armed forces locations. Our soldiers guard our borders in difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions against a hostile army. They cannot fight if they are hungry. Let their be full review of the working conditions and a proper fix follow. Any likely corruption should be eliminated. As Gautam Gambhir said, the news made us “gutted, distraught and ashamed”. Let us not punish the messenger… really a hero!

Source: DailyO

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Kashmir Unrest
Photo: India Today

In Kashmir: Pellet Guns Use Will Continue… Thankfully

Jihadis hate Pellet Guns. To quote, “pellet guns have put the fear of the God in those who want to turn the Valley into a clone of either Pakistan or the Islamic State, or both”. In previous times, huge stone-pelting mobs who greatly out-numbered security forces would cause them to run for cover or get lynched. Our soldiers would be angry, humiliated and demoralized, and the jihadis celebrated their victory. With pellet guns, no more. The mobs with terrorists hiding behind them, had to face the pellet guns and the security forces had some protection. The jihadis and their “secular media” friends hate these pellet guns as Poke-marked bodies and faces are bad advertisement for those who want to join jihad – the scary faces scares away future recruiters, so no new recruits. So continue to aggressively USE PELLET GUNS, a good offense is the best defense.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Indian Media Should Focus On Pakistan And Pandits Not On The Separistists Elements Of J&K
Photo: Swarajyamag

Indian Media Should Focus On Pakistan And Pandits Not On The Separistists Elements Of J&K

Jammu and Kashmir off and on is in a state of boil, is this a conspiracy to keep the state on boil? Indian soldiers are accused to killing innocent Kashmiris.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Chinese Soldiers Really Stupid... Cross Border To Hand Over Chocolates
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Chinese Soldiers Really Stupid… Cross Border To Hand Over Chocolates

First nearly 300 Chinese soldiers crossed the Indian border from four points in Arunachal Pradesh and tried to get aggressive and physically attack Indian soldiers. There was a mild scuffle and could be physical injuries on both sides but the Chinese were overpowered. Then some Chinese officers with an interpreter presented chocolates to the Indian Army counterparts apparently to cool the tension. So besides needless injuries, what else was the point other than some adolescent stupidity? Even the Chinese soldiers are probably wondering what was the point of all this?

Source: Zee News

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Asaduddin Owaisi
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Angered by Owaisi attention grabbing antics about refusing to say this, muslim organisations in Meerut wrote with their blood “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. They went on to say that “saying Bharat Mata ki Jai is hailing the land, women, children and the soldiers. There is nothing Islamic here”. Wonder what our secular media has to say?

Source: Satyavijayi

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Photo: Indian Express


Sadly, 2 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani soldiers in unproved firing. The Army says a befitting reply was given and good. But could our intellectuals do more -to highlight such sad envents? public such m, who are making tamasha about award returns show more respect.

Source: Indian Express

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Indian Soldiers
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20 Soldiers were gunned down near the Nagaland-Burma border, 4-5 were killed during the Gurdaspur attacks, and then 1 or 2 here, and a few there? In a week, month or for a year, so many have been die and many times that are injured. Does the average Indian show concern or at least pay attention?

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