Kejriwal sell His FatherKejriwal sell His Father
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Will Kejriwal Sell His Father Even He Has To?

Arvind Kejriwal who makes ridiculous statements most of the time, possibly to stay in the media limelight, but the most recent statement went over the top. He said that “the BJP does not belong to anyone. They don’t even belong to their father. BJP have the greed of power and money, and if needed they will even sell their father”. What a thing to say – pretty shocking right? So if the things like this, does Arvind Kejriwal also feel that ‘Kejriwal will sell his father’ if he has to?

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Arvind Kejriwal Thinks Narendra Modi Can Have Him Murdered
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Is Kejriwal Going Crazy By The Day Or Is It All For Cheap Publicity?

Looks like Arvind Kejriwal, who by the way is the Delhi Chief Minister, will say and/or do almost anything to gain publicity. His latest attack – he says “PM Modi can even have me murdered”. This comes after Ms. Soni, the Aam Aadmi Party activist who committed suicide had said that she was “asked to make compromises” with her body. It is also alleged that “She was told you should stop loving your body so much and compromise and unless you do that you will not rise in the party”. The big question is if the AAP leadership is a party to all these developments?

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Is Money Tight For Congress Party – So No Iftaar Party This Year, A First Ever

Sonia Gandhi has cancelled the annual Iftaar party, which are more a political event than a religious event. Several reasons have been given for this, one is Rahul Gandhi is on vacation (again) in a undisclosed foreign country for an undisclosed length. Congress party says Iftaar will be marked with distribution of sweets for under-privileged children. But some insiders are saying Congress could be facing money troubles?

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Barkha Dutt
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Controversial, biased and political motivated NDTV anchor Barkha Dutt claims to have received threats, and she has filed a police report. While we hope she and all are safe, one has to wonder is this a ploy at seeking victimhood? After all, she has been accused to have hosted, run and written exceedingly one sided news reports on almost all critical events. May be Barkha should reconsider as to how objective her journalism really is.

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